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The Resale Centre only take on properties within the Costa Blanca South area that we feel have a good chance of selling. We also make sure the price is right for the property, so the owner and customer are both happy.

Every day we receive many requests to list owners properties but even though it is important to have a wide range of different properties, we only take on a small fraction of the requests we do receive (but it is still alot!).

If you have had trouble selling your Spanish property, contact the Resale Centre on (+34) 965 714 031 or on our UK number 0870 301 98 73 and we will see if we can take a look at your property. Remember we are low commission agents and you have more chance selling through us!

We also network your property around many of our collaborating Estate Agents both here in Spain and in the UK, whom actively promote all of our properties that we manage giving you the seller more chance of selling your property in Spain. Our Agents have clients arriving daily looking for properties for sale just like yours!

If you do have a digital camera, you can send us photos and description, which would help and benefit you as you can portray your property as you wish to.

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Get an honest valuation of your property today with the Resale Centre, let us network your property around dozens of European agents that have clients arriving on a daily basis. We can give you the best possible opportunity to sell your property in Spain and fast!

Use the form provided below to fill in the details of your property, one of our members of staff will then contact you to advise you on the marketing and sell of your property.

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